Revision Date: 26/8/2020

We want to reassure you that our events are in compliance with the guidelines as provided by the HSE and endorsed by Sport Ireland and Cycling Ireland. Unfortunately, this means the format we've all become familiar with must change. 

  • The event will take place behind closed doors, no spectators allowed.
  • There will be no 'event village', no seating, catering, DJ or additional services.
  • The maximum allowable number of people at the event will not exceed 200 people. We will have a maximum of 170 competitors and approximately 20 staff (marshalls etc) at the event.
  • We have selected the course to ensure we spread the competitors out around the hill.
  • No physical registration on the day, this is carried out online in advance.
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided at toilets and the use of face masks will be advised while at the start/finish area.
  • Social distancing is paramount and our Covid officer will be stressing the importance of this at the marshal briefing.

We fully understand the need for scrutiny and how all events must comply fully with HSE guidelines. Given that we will all be living with Covid19 for years to come, in our opinion it is essential that competitive sport continues, albeit in a very controlled environment.